This is what we arrived to in the morning. This would be the place where we’d reinforce our passion for what we do – beer marketers, HR managers, sneaker and sunglass manufacturers, sports team promoters, furniture makers, yoga pants sellers, smart car fleet managers, ultimate fighting defenders, bed and breakfast suppliers, and, did I say, marketers? Strong messages, entertaining presentations from the folks who steer the world’s cult brands. Who devise the strategies that sell the products and create brand loyalty that leads to a cult following. Thinkers and schemers. More ideas swirling around than maybe anywhere else in, at least Alberta, at this time. A theme and a thread in all that is said:

Find the passion in what you do, the passion in your customers, listen, deliver on what you say you will.

Be disruptive. Don’t advertise. You can take over the world. See the mountain top. Aim there.

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