As any fan knows the fan experience during NHL hockey playoffs is all about the players on the ice, right? Not for every fan and certainly not for the youngest ones in the stands. It’s about – the mascots! As of this year’s playoffs there are 28 NHL mascots entertaining everyone with their zany antics and every crowd pleasing mascot manoeuvre you can imagine.
The new kid on the block is Hunter, the lynx who adopted the Edmonton Oilers as his team.
And that’s me with Hunter and his pals at the All Star Game in LA where we read NHL Mascots & Friends to kids and their families. How much fun was that?! I asked the mascots to welcome Hunter to the NHL mascot family and apparently they did. Hunter tells me he loves sharing a page with Victor E. Green. That’s good! So, all is fair in love and war and hockey mascot rivalry.
But it’s May now and the rivalries are deepening:
Anaheim’s Wild Wing versus Edmonton’s Hunter:


Pittsburgh’s Iceburgh versus Washington’s Slapshot
Nashville’s Gnash versus St. Louis’s Louie
Ottawa’s Spartacat versus New York’s …um, nobody.
So as the best hockey players in the world battle it out on the ice for NHL supremacy and the Stanley  Cup, a lot of the fun will be taking place in the stands with these amazingly energetic, fun-loving, hockey fan-loving furry, feathery, toothy, winged, beaked, giant-sized creatures. Give ’em a high five for making the experience loud and laugh-filled and just way more fun that it would be without them. Ask the five year old beside you …
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