A President, a Prime Minister and the Politics of Hockey!

They play hockey, don’t they, on both sides of the Canada/U.S. border? Apparently, the President of the United States and the Prime Minister of Canada both love the game. No surprise. But maybe a little unexpected, the number of  times the game was mentioned when relatively new PM Justin Trudeau made his official visit to the White House today! 

In the late spring one team claims the Stanley Cup. The current champions just happen to be President Obama’s team, his beloved Chicago Blackhawks. And so, he said so. Made a point of it. The Stanley Cup is in the U.S.A.  Trudeau acknowledged the fact, while adding another – that Canadians Jonathan Toews, Duncan Keith and (former Hawk) Patrick Sharp are Canadian exports to that Chicago Blackhawks winning 2015 team. It was jock talk in a formal setting.

Secretary of State John Kerry chose hockey in his speech welcoming the Prime Minister too, joking that their enjoyment of  hockey was what he and the youthful leader of Canada have in common.

” He has a favourability rating that is equal to that of Wayne Gretzky and Rachel McAdams and well ahead of Justin Bieber,” Kerry said. ( Hockey fans might have been remembering the day in 2011 when then U.S. Senator Kerry arrived at a White House ceremony honouring that year’s Stanley Cup champions, his Boston Bruins, sporting two black eyes he received in a recent hockey game with family.)

So sent the President a copy of our book The HOME Team Chicago Blackhawks today; the Prime Minister  The Home Team book for the Leafs, the Habs, NHL Mascots & Friends ( for the youngest member of the family ) and The HOME Team Chicago Blackhawks, Canada’s other team! John Kerry gets The HOME Team Boston Bruins, of course.


Hockey brings us together. Rivalry is good. Lifelong team loyalty, too. I’ll remember today’s White House exchange when I’m in Chicago this summer to join more than ten thousand fans for the 9th Annual Chicago Blackhawks Fan Fest in the President’s home town. I’ll enjoy personally writing the names of little fans whose parents or grandparents, aunt or uncle just bought them their own copy of The HOME Team book ensuring, as much as possible, that this is their team forever! And that’s whether the players this next generation cheers for come from the state next door or a province a country away.    



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