This is how it starts – a boy, a girl, a bat, a ball, a stick and a puck. Kids just love to play.


My sons


And where that love of the game takes them is to fields and stadiums and rinks everywhere and – to lifelong team loyalty.


The story of ALWAYS Books begins at a football game.

Not just any football game. A game where the team wears green and white and the fans wear watermelons on their head. It happens in Regina, Saskatchewan but it could be anywhere. Like where you live. Where the story is about your team – from its traditions to tailgating. Where winning matters. You wear your passion on your sleeve – cardinal and gold, double blue, red and white. You are a fan for life. And you love your team! ( I know, I love mine.)

Today, we’re all about the kids. Precious, pint-sized fans. Babies born knowing what team they cheer for! Who join moms and dads in front of the TV on game day. Go to their very first game with a favourite aunt or uncle. Already on their way to becoming a fan for life.


And it’s where we come in. ALWAYS Books is the way we tell it. We create books that let you pass your love of team onto the next generation. A ball cap and a jersey are a start. We believe a story is so much more! Cheering and reading. We love that combination and thousands of fans who’ve bought our books do too. The HOME Team, The ALWAYS Team or Always a Trojan are the perfect gift for baby, birthdays, holidays and any day you want to celebrate your team.

Our own story just keeps growing. We’re in the big leagues – NHL, CFL, NCAA football.

We want to interact with you, too! Whether you wear a watermelon on your head, a maple leaf over your heart, you cheer alongside Youppi! or Carlton or Tommy Hawk. We get why you’re a fan for life. We know how it all began. And, we’re with you now to keep it going!



Holly graduated with an honours degree in journalism from Western University in London, Ontario which lead to a career in broadcast journalism, television and radio. She’ll tell you this was exactly the right career choice for her. After many years of anchoring TV news, hosting radio shows, producing network television specials, hosting a Grey Cup Parade and lots of live news coverage, she won Gold at the New York Festivals for a documentary she produced during the war in the former Yugoslavia.

As a lifelong fan herself, she believed the youngest fans should each have a story to complement their ball cap and jersey. It was time to turn from writing news to creating children’s books. And the fun began!

The ALWAYS Team for fans of the Saskatchewan Roughriders is where it started. Thanks to the Riders for seeing that connecting children with their community team and promoting a love of reading was a good thing. We’ve created five children’s books together, the official children’s books of the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

The NHL seemed to agree with our vision. With the offer of a licence from the NHL, The HOME Team brand for hockey fans was born. Then, college licences and football stories for Notre Dame and the University of Southern California.

Today, meeting young fans and their families throughout North America and hearing their stories about why they cheer for their favourite team is the best part of this job! Team loyalties go back generations and the stories that connect families and their team are wonderful.

January is NHL All Star time and Holly is invited to read her zany little NHL Mascots & Friends book alongside the mascots as the best hockey players in the world take to the ice. What a pleasure.

And just like a great football or hockey team, it takes a team to create a book. Super talented illustrator James Hearne is on my team. We are excited to expand our business to reach more little ones from the time they are born, encouraging them to read and to play with good sports values as they grow up to become fans for life.

A Fan for Life is your story.